Girl Gallivanting the Globe.

Traveling is my destiny. Languages and culture are the roots of my soul. This is my story of wandering among the highest peaks of the desert, plunging into unknown bottomless valleys, dancing with locals, making mistakes, laughing until my sides explode and experiencing the unfaltering kindness of the human race. This is my loveletter to the world.

Itinerary: It’s more of a guide than a plan

  • Melbourne ✈️ Doha
  • (24 hours)
  • Doha ✈️ Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Turkey 🇹🇷
  • Croatia
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • The ‘STANS: –> Kazakhstan –> Kyrgyzstan –> Tajikistan –> Uzbekistan
  • Dehli & surrounds
  • Northern India
  • Nepal 🏔