Circa 2012, somewhere over the Pacific…

I once saw a United Airlines advertisement that said, “is it just us, or did the world just get a whole lot smaller?” When you can go from point A to point B anywhere on the globe in 24 hours, I can’t help but believe that this world is quite small. 

I didn’t always hold this belief. With only three stamps in my passport, I spent the greater part of my life memorizing continent shapes and trying to imagine what it would be like to drink tea on a Moroccan mountaintop with Arabs or float in the Aegean Sea amongst the Greek Isles. On Saturdays I spent hours at the local bookstore, leafing through the pages of Lonely Planet Books pondering where I wanted to travel to the most. 

One day I woke up and said, “I’m going to travel around the world.” It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. It’s like falling in love, growing old or learning to walk; you don’t think about it, you don’t make a pros and cons list, it just happens

Traveling is my destiny. Languages and culture are the roots of my soul, I was born to be a global wanderer, and quitting my job to go traveling was like a rite of passage; it was inevitable. 

Itinerary-less, I set out on an eight month adventure treking around Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. My motto was travel until I run out of money, or until I find some place I like so much I can’t leave. Well, both happened.. I ran out of money in Australia and I fell in love with Melbourne. I’m settled here for the moment with a big girl job, cell phone bills and a leather couch collection in my apartment. Don’t let the business clothes fool you, I’m a vagabond at heart and the world is still calling. 

This is my story of wandering amongst the highest peaks of the desert, plunging into unknown bottomless valleys, dancing with locals, making mistakes, laughing until my sides exploded and experiencing the unfaltering kindness of the human race. This is my loveletter to the world.

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