I am currently en route to Stockholm and in my favorite place, the airplane. The flight was a tight squeeze-overbooked by five people, I was imagining the worst case scenario…another night in Prague? Buying a last minute ticket? I waited at the gate, the anxiety continuing to build. 

Suddenly, the gate agent motioned for me to come over and held out a boarding pass…good as gold. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to do the happy dance and hug him all at the same time. Flying standby is a real adrenaline trip. I spend the majority of my time in the airport anxiously pacing the terminal, and a small amount of time manically rejoicing with that, “ha, I won!” feeling. Probably the same kind of feeling a bank robber has when he actually gets away with the bag of loot. I’m not saying this from personal experience or anything, I’ll stick to flying for my adrenaline rush thank you very much.

Saturday was my one month anniversary of being a nomad. Looking back, this trip was the best decision I could have made. Already, I have met so many wonderful people and had some of the best experiences. Every time I think about all the places I still have left to see and all the people I am going to meet, I am elated. 

I read a magazine article yesterday encouraging women to take a trip somewhere alone. It said that going somewhere by yourself is a great way to increase your confidence and learn about yourself since you won’t be influenced by the needs and opinions of other people. Bingo! I guess I’m on the right track?

Regardless, I could not be happier traveling alone. I’m on my own schedule, have flexibility to go where I want when I want and it really forces you to be outgoing and meet other people. With that being said, I’m off to explore yet another city, and see whose paths I cross today…

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