It’s more of a guide than a plan…

  • Melbourne ✈️ Doha
  • Quickie (24 hours in Qatar)
  • Doha ✈️ Tbilisi, Georgia AKA the “up & coming Croatia” #MarkMyWords
  • Turkey 🇹🇷 10 days of coffee & kebab
  • Croatia to hang with the fam
  • Budapest, Hungary AKA my fav European city
  • The ‘STANS: –> Kazakhstan –> Kyrgyzstan –> Tajikistan –> Uzbekistan
  • Lapping up mountain views, getting lost in the middle of nowhere
  • Dehli & surrounds. Northern India
  • Nepal 🏔

Why Central Asia you ask? I could go somewhere easy like South America. I could go somewhere chill like Southeast Asia. But when am I ever going to get the chance to visit some of the most remote landscapes in the world? Countries some people don’t even know exist? That’s why I chose Central Asia. It’s not accessible, and I’ve never been known to take the easy route. This is a journey of discovery and evolution, not a holiday.

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