I’m not excited to go to india. Why did past Ember agree to booking a flight for future Ember? Why didn’t past Ember think of somewhere er, easier, like Thailand?

As the date creeps closer, my nerves and anticipation rise. “India will blindside you, you won’t know what to expect” everyone tells me. I’m pretty sure I know what to expect: heat, humidity, crowded cities, honking horns, scams, and sickness. Did I miss anything? I’ve been so focused on the perils India has in-store for me, I’m actually not sure what I’m looking forward to, which is where present Ember starts questioning past Ember about the choice to visit India.

India is going to be a challenging opportunity for self-growth, my moral conscious keeps telling me. Have I not grown enough  battling taxi drivers and suffering endless cases of food poisoning over the past three months?

It’s a polarizing place. Half of the people I meet who have travelled there love it, the other half hate it. “it’s an assult on the senses,” on friend told me. “The highs are high and the lows are really low. You just need to take it as it comes and don’t try to fight it.”

India, where do I begin?

Stories of joy and horror from fellow travellers.

It’s not off the beaten path, but it still remains the wild wild west.

Well, I’m going to India whether in health, sickness, scam, or wealth.

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